Young Living Holiday Gift Ideas: Thieves Travel Set

Do you know someone who travels a lot or perhaps is at least traveling for Christmas? This Thieves travel set is the perfect gift for that person. These are items you would need regardless of how you travel, but especially if you will be traveling by plane.

Holiday Gift Ideas Thieves Gift Set

Seriously though, who couldn’t use these items? A travel size Thieves toothpaste to not only introduce them to non-toxic toothpaste but to also help them out. Please tell me I’m not the only one that forgets you can’t carry on anything larger than 3.4 oz? Shoot, that’s probably not even the right size. Thieves spray serves to be super helpful in flight and everywhere else. Toilets? Spray. Head rest? Spray. Blanket? Spray. Bathroom stinky? Might as well spray. Kid behind you just vomited (this one actually happened during my last flight)? Spray. Hand purifier also comes to the rescue after those in flight potty breaks or before they bring you a snack!

Needed Items for Thieves Travel Set

What you need:

Thieves Travel Gift Set

I think this is such a great little gift for any traveler or a mom that is always on the go even. You could replace the toothpaste with lip balm if you want to gift it to a mom. Though I know plenty of people who also carry toothpaste in their purses or diaper bags. You might want to include a note with a handy little insiders info note letting them know that the toothpaste and the spray both double as deodorant!

Who would you gift this trio to?


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