Young Living Holiday Gift Ideas: Thieves Samples

I want to be sure we talk about gift ideas in various price points as we share our Young Living products with others. So today, let’s talk about giving out Thieves samples! Who couldn’t use a little Thieves this time of year? Nothing like a little immune support right in time for the holidays!

Holiday Gift Ideas Thieves Samples

Perhaps this is odd or it’s just me, but sometimes I hate giving samples as gifts because it feels so cheap even though we all know the value is worth more than what it looks like. I’ve seriously skipped on giving someone an oil in the past because it looks like I didn’t spend that much on them. It’s a totally lame excuse so this year I’m focusing on packaging it up to increase it’s value and make others interested in what it is I’m sharing with them.

Thieves Samples Needed Products

Items needed:

Thieves Samples for Christmas

Be sure to also include a little guide with this sample as to how to use the Thieves oil. Personally, I love handing out the Oil Revolution Design small guides with items like these. You could also just include a small note in the gift card holder giving them instruction use info like “Add 1-2 drops to water for immune support”. You could also attach a recipe card for a Thieves tea using Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Lemon and Thieves Essential Oil.

This makes the perfect gift for your neighbors or acquaintances, these samples shouldn’t just be given to close friends! This is a great way to introduce your business to people you are around on a regular basis, but haven’t shared your business with yet perhaps. If you haven’t used these Thieves lozenges for yourself yet then do yourself a favor and order them–they are amazing!

What’s your favorite way to use Thieves oil? Remember, it’s a dietary oil!



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