Stop Stinky Shoes in their Tracks!

You can pretend your poop feet don’t stink, but I don’t believe you.  I think at some point or another, we have all dealt with stinky shoes.  Don’t worry… I don’t think you are nasty.  You just put a part of your body that naturally sweats into a cheap chunk of {sometimes} leather for hours upon hours each day.  Stink is bound to happen!

While I don’t have too much trouble in the warmer months when I wear open, breathable shoes, my winter shoes tell a completely different, not-so-pleasant story.  I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of winter shoes.  They are restrictive and hot and sweaty.  I am a flip-flop gal to the bone.  So, my adverse feelings for these winter shoes also means that I don’t buy a million pair.  I have a pair of black flats, a pair of black booties, and if I just really luck into a good find, maybe an alternate color pair of flats.  With continuous wear all winter long, these shoes just really start to get yucky, especially my flats (since I don’t wear socks with them).

And don’t think I haven’t tried every trick in the book to rid my shoes of that smell.  Powders, sprays, etc. only provided an immediate mask over the smell and actually seemed to make the smell worse over time.

But, after teaching people how to use oils and saying about a dozen times that you can use Purification to rid your home of bad smells, it finally donned on me… I can use it to get rid of the smell (and really, the cause of the smell) in my shoes!

With a single drop of Purification on a cotton ball in the toe of each shoe, the smell not only disappeared for the day, it disappeared for about two weeks.  After those two weeks, all it took was another cotton ball with a drop of Purification in each toe to get back smelling fresh.  Plus, don’t you just love the smell of Purification??

Smelly Shoes?  Find out a quick and easy way to get rid of that stink!


So next time you find yourself reluctant to take your shoes off near mixed company or even at your desk at work, consider it time to get rid of that smell with a few drops of Purification essential oil blend.

Easy stinkin’ peasy!

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