Healthy Menu Plan Week 2

What is it about the fall that makes me want to forgo all regular menu items and just eat soups? If it wasn’t for a husband that might protest it’s like the only thing that would be on our menu but for the sake of our marriage I’ll continue to put other items on our menu plan. It’s not even that cold here yet so I guess I should save my desperate need for a week of soups until later in the year.

I’m hoping to really get all these menu items on the table this week unlike last weeks Three Cheese Zucchini Stuffed Lasagna that managed to never hit our table. The first night I had it planned for we decided to do Camp Gladiator and I knew there was no way we could eat lasagna noodles and cheese before a workout. The second night the full moon got the best of our toddler and I closed down the kitchen for my own sanity. Then Sunday night I was going to squeeze it in but when I took an afternoon nap because I wasn’t feeling well my sweet husband snuck out with our toddler so I could rest.  I may work it in this week, but we shall see.

Healthy Menu Plan Week 2

Monday – Zuppa Toscana Soup

Tuesday – Crockpot Balsalmic Pork Roast  + Roasted Asparagus

Wednesday – Turkey Santa Fe Zucchini Boats

Thursday – Rustic Italian Gnocchi Soup from the Skinny Taste cookbook (p.70)

Lunch – Cream of Zucchini Soup

I was craving some Zuppa Toscana soup this weekend so I decided to make it myself instead of my usual mad dash to Olive Garden to get it. I’ll probably be the only one to enjoy this making it a staple lunch item for me for the rest of the week.  I haven’t made this recipe yet so we shall see how it goes.

I’ve had the pork roast and the zucchini boats before and are both delicious! The pork roast makes its appearance fairly often so you’ll probably see it again soon. Asparagus was on sale this week at Sprouts which is the reason it’s our side item. We will use the leftovers for some pork tacos! I am really excited to try out the Rustic Italian Gnocchi Soup at the end of the week because it looks awesome. My sweet friend, Natalie, told me about the Cream of Zucchini Soup so I am making it for lunch for the week for myself.

What’s on your menu this week?

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