Mini Starter Kit Offer

Young Living is currently offering a great promotion on the home diffuser! If you buy the home diffuser you will receive a bonus essential oil, Thieves. The diffuser normally comes with Tangerine & Peppermint already making it an awesome promo offer. As a current member you can get this kit for $63.75 and as a retail customer you can get the diffuser for $83.88. While that’s a good deal we’ve realized there is something even better than that! For only $25 more dollars you can get the basic starter kit allowing you 24% savings on all future Young Living orders and you’ll also get Stress Away essential oil. So that’s 4 oils + a Diffuser for under $110!

Young Living Starter Kit Mini Edition

You have until August 31st, 2016 at midnight to take advantage of this deal. In order to take advantage grab a basic starter kit from our special link and then add a home diffuser to your cart.

Be sure to check out our become a member page if you want 7 more oils + the bonus 15mL of Cedarwood for only $160!

The Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser Review

First and foremost, my number one recommendations for diffusers are those that Young Living has as we know these ones have been tested with our essential oils. I do not recommend using other diffusers with citrus oils in particular as we know that citrus oils eat plastic. However, I realize that many people cannot afford to buy a second Young Living diffuser and are looking for other options so I want to share some with you. The first ever non-Young Living diffuser I got was the Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser.

The Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Considering I bought this diffuser pretty blindly, I’ve been overall very satisfied with my purchase. Though my original intent for this diffuser was for our bedroom we soon learned that wasn’t an option and I’ll tell you why in a minute. I joined Young Living back when the diffuser didn’t have an option for shutting off the light and my husband needs a pitch black room to sleep so I went hunting for something that shut off the lights and this one did! The little tiny lights do remain on but if facing the opposite direction it’s no big deal.

The Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser review

As you can see from the close up there are 4 buttons and 5 tiny lights. The power button by itself will turn on the first light and diffuse regularly. The second button will allow for five various timed options which can get you through the night on the last setting I do believe. Then you have the fan option which has three dispersion levels. Unless you are fighting something I think the lowest level is plenty even for a large room. We have an open floor plan and this is what I most commonly diffuse at. The last option is a light and it can be turned on or off.

What I love about this diffuser: It holds a decent amount of water so when I have the dispersion on low an the time options set to be off and on it can last for a long time! If someone is coming over and the house needs a quick uplift I can turn it on a higher setting and get the smell in the air much faster which is a nice option. I like that you can turn the light on if you wish or off. It’s seems to be made very well!

What I don’t like about this diffuser: It beeps loudly whenever you push a button and even worse…when it shuts off! When I turn this on during my daughters naptime I am so fearful I am going to wake her up. When it shuts off when the water reservoir is empty it beeps several times very loudly. We originally bought this for our bedroom but after the first night it was moved to the living room for daytime diffusing!

Would I buy it again? No. Because of how loud it is I don’t prefer to own a second one. I do love this diffuser though and am glad I have it, but if it ever dies I’ll just chunk it and find a different one that is quiet.

Should you buy it? If the beeps won’t bug you then I say go for it! It’s a great diffuser outside of how noisy it is and it is typically priced $50-60 so that’s not too bad of a price for a good diffuser. You can get it on amazon in black, white or silver: Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser!