Best Affordable Sports Bra

As a female, one of the most important garments for your fitness routine will be your sports bra. I’ve loved and used the same sports bra for nearly the past decade. I discovered this sports bra when I was training for a marathon and fell in love. I’ve been a loyal user of the C9 sports bra from Target until now. Let’s face it–I still think it’s a great sports bra too BUT I’ve discovered a new need in the past couple of years. Part of my reason for always sticking with the C9 sports bra is the need for an affordable sports bra, but lately the affordable factor has been less of an interest. Until now, I finally found the best affordable sports bra!

The Best Affordable Sports Bra


Let’s just say the ladies up top changed a bit post baby and more than once or twice for that matter. After my little was born I had to go up a size in my favorite sports bra which wasn’t a big deal since it was probably time to get new ones anyway, but something was different. The sports bra held up find for the usual running routine I had but when it came to the gym I never felt fully comfortable in it. When I would lean forward for any sort of exercise I wanted to cry a little. My once perky ladies had taken a down shift and when I bent over it was apparent. I mean I was really a walking advertisement for abstinence in our gym for all the teenage girls. I too used to have a perky chest girls, but the time has come and gone.

With that said, I have spent the last year longing for the perfect sports bra to replace my affordable and well loved sports bras. I tried a different style of C9 sports bras but found the straps really bothered me. My mom gifted me a couple she had found at Marshall’s but they too didn’t do the trick. So I decided to just stick with my sports bra and move on. Saggy tata’s weren’t the end of the world after all. Plus I mostly ran and didn’t spend a ton of time at the gym bending over.

Sports Bra Stash

A few months passed and I came back to my need and search for a new sports bra. Call me vain, but I kind of wanted a sports bra that made me look like I actually had boobs instead of giving me a serious uni-boob. I was tired of putting on my workout clothes every single day to lose my girlish figure to some extent. If you got it, flaunt it?! Flaunting it for my husband of course! He had mentioned the sports bra I was wearing was unflattering and I figured if I was going to be wearing workout clothes all the time then I should love him in that and do something about it. I just didn’t realized it would be such a hard task.

I decided to grab yet another C9 sports bra since I loved them so much, but this time it was padded. I finally had my chest back in my workout clothes but it still didn’t do much for supporting the sag. However, it was winter and I was mostly running so who cares?! That is until the pads started disappearing out of the sports bra meaning I would be lopsided or I could spare the pad out of the other sports bra to always have one functional sports bra. Again, a sports bra not doing what I needed it too but just in time for a knee injury allowing me to really have no need for anything other than the basic sports bra I knew and loved.

C9 Sports Bra with Padding

That is until I did therapy on my knee and started Camp Gladiator finding myself in the same predicament yet again! I asked another friend who swore by her sports bra brand, but I just couldn’t swallow the price. So I headed to TJ Maxx to see what they had available and that’s when I found the Marika Tek sports bra pictured below. I bought the pink one on that day and had high hopes for it but also kind of expected to be disappointed. The first day I wore it I was in love! I no longer had a uni-boob and my ladies felt good and secure. I was even more impressed that my padding didn’t disappear in the dryer. The next time I was at TJ Maxx I found a black one and the time after that a purple. I’ve scored big time if you ask me!

The price? $12.99! Style? Alice. Go get you one!

best affordable sports bra_marika tek

I can’t promise this will be the sports bra for you because frankly every two boobs seem to be a bit different from the next. This happens to work for what I need it for and for my chest size. I hope you too can find an awesome affordable sports bra that makes you still feel all good and feminine while being supported!