Lemon Vitality

Lemon Vitality is one of ten oils in the Premium Starter Kit!

Lemon Vitality oil has a bright taste you’ll want to keep on hand for almost anything you whip up. Instead of zesting or juicing, use Lemon Vitality for a convenient way to use this great flavor. Start small with a single drop of oil.

One of my favorite ways to use lemon vitality is by putting a drop of lemon in my water for a hint of flavor and a gentle detox.  Lemon oil is cold-pressed from the rind, which means there is NO citric acid to damage your teeth/enamel. Starting your day with lemon water allows for a gentle detox to begin your day and can also help with an afternoon boost.

Note that when adding Lemon Vitality to food or beverage, use glass, stainless steel, or ceramic dishes. It will disintegrate plastic and you don’t want to ingest that.

You can also use lemon vitality to enhance vinaigrettes or marinades to add a flavorful taste to summer salads and grilling. Add 1 drop in plain or vanilla yogurt and top with fresh berries.

Lemon vitality has saved me in the kitchen on many occasions when a recipe has called for a lemon and I’ve managed to forget to grab one while at the storm.