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When I decided I wanted to start using Young Living essential oils, the most logical decision for me was to sign up as a member/distributor and get The Premium Starter Kit locking myself into a wholesale discount for future purchases. With over 100 uses for the 10 oils in the Everyday Kit I knew I would get more than my moneys worth out of the kit.

Vitality Kit ADAAT


A lot of people are hesitant to sign up for the premium starter kit because they don’t want to sell oils and I get that. That’s where I was when I started looking into the oils. I didn’t want to try to sell the oils to my friends and I didn’t want to make any sort of monthly commitment to get the wholesale discount. Thankfully Young Living doesn’t require a monthly commitment if you are strictly interested in just purchasing the oils and not running it as a business. You are member of the Young Living family and can enjoy the benefits of 24% off without meeting monthly requirements.

As mentioned above, I personally recommend buying the Premium Starter Kit because it truly is the best bang for your buck. I will share the other kits in a few minutes, but I want to share with you how amazing the premium starter kit is and why this really is the way to go.

Young Living Starter Kit Oils


The oils in the above picture are the 10 oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit. The oils included are Thieves Vitality, DiGize Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, Frankincense, Purification, RC, Lavender, and PanAway. There are so many uses for the oils in this collection making it a great starting place. These oils alone make the value of the kit worth it, but Young Living has thrown in something else too. That something is a diffuser and you get to choose which one you want now!

Young Living Premium Starter Kit Options

The diffuser very well may be one of my favorite things about the Premium Starter Kit and in a way sold me on the idea of getting the kit.  I love that I can use this to freshen the air in our home while also enjoying the therapeutic values of the oils I am using in it. This is a steal really! But…we’re not done yet! Young Living has been generous enough to include just a few more things for you!

As part of my team, you will get to be part of a private facebook group full of  resources and information to help you have a successful oily journey. This group really is an invaluable resource!

Sign Me Up (2)

Now that you are ready to sign up, let me help you along the way so that this goes as smoothly as possible.

Step 1: Go to this link to sign up on the A Drop at a Thyme team!

Step 2: Make sure to check off “Wholesale Member” NOT “Retail Customer”. This simply means you are signing up as a member to get the Premium Starter Kit and the 24% discount from here on out.

Step 3: Choose your country & language.

Step 4: Be sure my member numbers are in the blanks for both Enroller ID & Sponsor ID, if you used the above link they should be but in case something happened please add it in. The number is 1490202. (Then click continue)

Step 4: Complete Step 1 by choosing your Premium Starter kit.

Step 5: Complete Step 2 by choosing your Essential Rewards kit. This is an optional program, but highly worth starting. I especially love the Thieves and Ningxia Red kits!

Step 6: Proceed to Checkout OR add additional products if you wish at this time. If you do not add additional products then proceed to checkout (NEXT).

Step 7: Fill out all of your information under Membership Information.

Step 8: Create sign-in information. Write this info in a safe place so you can track your order and place future orders with ease. You will also need your PIN anytime you call into customer care so you don’t want to forget it.

Step 9: Provide commission processing info. It will ask you for your SS# which is for legal purposes so that if you choose to run this as a business you can. You can choose to use a Tax ID number if you prefer to go that route. They tend to be rather easy to apply for at least in the state of Texas.

Step 10: Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Step 11: Fill out shipping information.

Step 12: Fill out payment information.



Step 11: Confirm & Checkout! You are done! Congratulations and welcome to A Drop at a Thyme!

Once I receive information that you have enrolled you can expect to see an email from me (as long as you included it) to welcome you and make sure you have everything you need to get started using the oils. Your membership will stay active as long as you spend $50 in a calendar year. You do not have to continue to renew your membership if you do not choose to do so. I have a feeling you’ll meet that $50 requirement though because you are going to LOVE these oils!!


Statements made on A Drop at a Thyme have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. I share these experiences with you because of the results I’ve had. The statements I make here are in regards to Young Living essential oils only.

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