Hi, I am Jana, the face behind A Drop at a Thyme.

Several years ago, I realized it was time to make some lifestyle changes but became completely overwhelmed by the thought of it. I thought I had to do all or nothing so every time I would look into something I would become overwhelmed and quit.

It started with the ingredients in my bread of all things, but that’s where I took my first baby step. It started small switching from white bread to wheat bread without really paying attention to the label beyond that. Then it went from wheat bread to making sure it wasn’t enriched wheat flour. Whoa buddy, slow down! Before long I was looking for a bread that had ingredients I could easily say and the fewer the better. Now I’m at a place where I don’t consume bread all that often.

I did it! I made a healthy choice–I didn’t die and my family liked it. It was the stepping stone I needed to help me start making healthier choices altogether. I had a set group of friends who I trusted their choices so I started asking questions and following their lifestyle SLOWWWWWLLLLLYYYY….

It was then that I got introduced to Young Living essential oils and my life changed forever. I saw that my friends, the healthy ones, that I trusted were attending an essential oil class so I decided I’d go. If they were considering it I’d at least like to know what it was. That is when I learned a lot about my body, the toxins around me and the changes I needed to start making.

I launched my business, A Drop at a Thyme, shortly there after and my lifestyle started changing for the better. I wasn’t going to be one of those people preaching about healthy living yet living a really unhealthy lifestyle so I started making changes a drop at a thyme. I still have huge strides to make, but every day I am a step closer to a healthier lifestyle. It didn’t happen overnight and you shouldn’t expect it too either. Take it a drop at a thyme, a step at at thyme.

Join me as I share about the changes we’ve made and continue to make. I love Jesus, healthy eating, working out, running, essential oils and non-toxic products. Don’t expect me to know everything, I’m just an ordinary momma trying to make better choices for her family and there is a HUGE learning curve you will learn!

Email me anytime at adropatathyme@gmail.com.

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